Business financial FAQ

Business Financial FAQ

How could I qualify for a business loan or a business cash advance?

As for Virta Payments isn`t a bank, allows us to scan the unique financial requirement of our clients rather than fitting them into a pre- defined format. We know for a fact that each merchant is unique and so are his needs needs, based on which rests qualification for loans and advances. Feel free to contact our sales or customer care representatives to figure out the kind of financial assistance Virta Payments could offer your business with.

Will my credit score affect my ability to obtain a Business Loan?

Though your credit score is one of the factors considered, it is not the only one determining your eligibility for a business loan. Contact our sales team for your business`s unique needs and know as to how we could assist you obtain one.

Are there any personal guarantees involved for a Business Cash Advance?

No, there is none. The money advanced to the merchant is against future credit card transactions.